New Website Launched !

August 28 / 2020

Hello and thanks for visiting. We're happy to launch our new website!your audience to read your article here.

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For the first time, We're offering e-commerce or as it known - Online Shopping. Hallelujah, We've finally arrived into the 21st Century. We've been selling some beautiful, original one of a kind jewellery since 2005. We owned a brick and mortar store in two different locations in Kelowna, BC (Canada) 2005 -2020. We've met and talked to hundreds, perhaps thousands of people over those years and we really enjoyed the personal interaction and the chance to treat them with something nice as a special gift. Some have become close friends. Yet, time had come for us to move on, but still do what we love and that is locating, acquiring and selling beautiful handmade jewellery made by different gifted artists from Canada and the rest of the world. They are always unique, never mass produced - something that will look great with most outfits and for most occasions, casual or elegant. If you're not too far from us, we would still be more than happy to meet you in person and deliver the goods ourselves, but for those who are not, we've opened a 'channel' for you to pick one or two of our beautiful pieces straight from our website and in most cases (refer to our About Us section for details) with FREE Express Shipping. Special deals and promotional coupons will be offered from time to time. Thanks and we look forward to hearing from both our loyal customers and our new ones, who are most welcome to join the Silent Noise ‘family’.

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