Welcome to our amazing collection of beautiful, Unique and in many cases - One of a kind rings. All are handmade by some of the most talented artists Iin the world. It's our job and great pleasure to present their beautiful pieces of art. In every category you can find rings that incorporate Gemstones. From Diamonds to other precious and semi precious stones. Some are more common and some are rare. From brilliant cut stones to Cabochons. Others will have no stone at all, Showcasing just the beauty of the metal and its unique texture. In our store we have only one ring of each style (!). Rings comes in various sizes, typically in sizes 6-7-8 (US size). Having said that, almost (but not always...) every ring can be ordered in a different size (including half size), or be sized. In this case, the newly-ordered ring might look a little different in terms of texture or slightly different gem, as no two gems are alike. In some cases a ring can be also ordered with a different gem to the one showed (based on the artist availability to do so). You're welcome to contact us with any different size request you may have or any other question. Enjoy your tour.