About Us

Opened JUNE 16 2005
FAMILY OwneD - Gadi & Rina Nussen

The most beautiful JEWELLERY you can find !


There's so much beauty out there. Thousands upon thousands of artists in every corner of this globe. We're trying to do our small share of exposing some of these really gifted ones, and introducing their most beautiful work.

The artists we're looking for are the ones who are breaking the 'traditional', 'boring', 'seen before', 'same old same old', 'mass produced' designs that most people are used to be seeing year after year. They are always looking to re-create new designs, playing with different metals, textures and colors. We understand and respect all forms of jewellery making, but jewellery as we see it is supposed to be unique as the one who wears it.  

Our store is for you -  jewellery lovers who likes to treat themselves or someone they like / love / adore with a unique gift. We pick each and every piece ourselves, hoping that you're going to like it too. If you're looking for something beautiful that NO ONE ELSE HAS, then you're in for a treat.

You're welcome to visit our store in Kelowna and join the "growing movement" of those who have taste for something different... :)